Small World Dahlia Tuber

Small World Dahlia Tuber


Small World is a miniature, versatile accent flower. While this variety sometimes blooms with a touch of blush undertones, I've found it's usually pretty white in color. It is extremely similar to Bowen, and I use them interchangeably in bouquets. Pompon type.


    Price is per tuber. Tubers come in all shapes and sizes, and tuber size will not affect the size/health of your dahlia plant! Tubers for sale have been selected for their quality and for viable eyes.


    Each tuber has been inspected for a viable eye and for tuber health, and has been stored and packaged with care. BSB does not accept returns at this time.


    Tubers will be shipped in April to ensure that they will not be frozen during travel. We are unable to ship outside of the United States.



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