Enjoy eggs as an add-on to your Bouquet CSA, or on their own!


Our pasture-raised hens spend their days out in our fields, eating bugs, grass, and enjoying the great outdoors. We move them year-round, multiple times a month for their health and the health of the pastures. We feed them locally sourced and milled, non-GMO, corn- and soy-free, prepared by Mosaic Farms in Philomath, OR. Our commitment to their health and wellbeing allows our hens to produce extremely delicious and nutritious eggs.


You can expect to see brown and white eggs in your cartons as we raise both brown and white hybrid chickens. The two breeds are well adapted to life out on pasture as well have the ability to lay eggs all year long!


All eggs are washed and stored in a refrigerator on our farm. They will be delivered to our drop site locations in a cooler with ice, and should be placed in your refrigerator soon after pick up.


Pricing: $6/week in July (smaller eggs); $8/week August & September


Pricing note: The eggs for the month of July will be 'pullet eggs'. These are smaller eggs that the hens lay for the first 4-6 weeks of their laying cycle as they grow from being a pullet (immature hen) to a fully mature hen. To account for this, we are charging less for them in July. They are the perfect size for hard boiled eggs for young kids, too!


Home delivery option is only available for Bouquet CSA members who already have a delivery subscription.

Dozen Eggs, Every Week