Welcome! If you're visiting our site, you may be familiar with Barn Swallow Blossoms, a specialty cut flower enterprise serving the Eugene/Springfield area and the McKenzie River corridor. Kelly and Adam are excited to announce that we are now located on a new farm property in Springfield, and have expanded our operations! In addition to Barn Swallow Blossoms, we're also offering pasture-raised chickens and eggs this season, with plans to grow and expand in the future. Read more below to find out our farm. We look forward to serving you with fresh food and florals!


At Willow & Oak, we will steward the land regeneratively to feed and serve our local community. Our goal is to grow high-quality food and florals using practices that balance environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

In May 2021, we moved to our new farm site and spent the year preparing land, setting up infrastructure, improving soil health, and getting to know the land.

In the 2022 season, we are combining Kelly’s established cut flower enterprise, Barn Swallow Blossoms, with new pasture-raised animal enterprises spearheaded by Adam. We are raising chickens for eggs and for meat this season, with plans to add animals like sheep and pigs in the future.

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Did you know that 80% of flowers sold in the US are grown abroad? Imports often carry a heavy burden: pesticide use, poor labor conditions, and a large carbon footprint. We are committed to growing flowers that are kinder to our world, only using organic and pollinator-safe practices. Growing cut flowers through pandemic and wildfire has also shown us what a powerful tool flowers can be in sharing joy and connection to nature and each other!

Please note that we'll be keeping our Barn Swallow Blossoms branding as part of W&O, as this is what our customers are familiar with! BSB will simply be one part of all we're doing here at Willow & Oak Farm.



We aim to raise animals as a tool for good while providing nutritious and delicious food for our local community. By responsibly raising our animals on pasture, we aim to have a regenerative environmental impact, to provide a high quality of life for our animals, and to provide safe and meaningful work in our local economy. Animal manure will also be composted to provide fertility for the flower fields, working toward a closed-loop farm system.

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Our farm is located at the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area through the McKenzie River Trust. It features one of the most extensive and dynamic networks of side channels remaining on the lower McKenzie River and is home to diverse native plant, fish, and wildlife species. Of the site's 92 acres, we steward 34 acres of pasture, gardens, and farm/residential infrastructure. We are committed to farming in synergy with the ecological processes and the conservation projects on site.



Barn Swallow Blossoms are available through...

  • Lane County Farmers Market

  • Spring & Summer Bouquet CSAs

  • DIY buckets & "A La Carte" designs for weddings & events

  • Local florists & grocery stores

Eggs and meat will be available through...

  • Direct-to-consumer sales & CSA

  • Lane County Farmers Market

  • Local grocery stores, food distribution hubs & restaurants

More on availability coming soon! Please contact for more information. For flower-specific inquiries, please explore the rest of the Barn Swallow Blossoms site or contact Kelly at

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Adam Lee

Adam’s agricultural career has taken him

up and down the West Coast. Over the  past 11 years, he’s worked at various farms caring for animals, growing vegetables, leading crews of people, and learning about how to manage productive and profitable farms. Most recently he managed an organic fruit and vegetable farm for five years, successfully leading the operation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly Hardin

Since 2014, Kelly Hardin has worked in both production and educational farming contexts. She finds joy in getting people excited about sustainable agriculture! Most recently, she managed a 120-member vegetable CSA, farmers market booths, and the Lane Community College Learning Garden, all while launching and growing Barn Swallow Blossoms.



For more information, contact us at

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