At Willow & Oak Farm (W&O), we will steward the land regeneratively to feed and serve our local community. Our goal is to grow high-quality food and florals using practices that balance environmental, economic, and social sustainability. In 2022, we will combine Kelly’s established cut flower enterprise, Barn Swallow Blossoms (BSB), with new pasture-raised animal enterprises spearheaded by Adam. While personal investments and profits from BSB will finance aspects of the animal enterprises and shared overhead expenses, W&O will require additional initial investments for livestock purchases, equipment, and infrastructure. We are seeking startup capital from family, friends, and community members who are interested in supporting the farm launch!


In Lane County, there is enthusiastic support for regenerative and organic farming, and demand continues to increase for local, sustainable agricultural products. Our farming careers, rooted in this community, provide us with a strong grasp on the local food and flower landscape, as well as relationships with local retail and wholesale buyers. We plan to sell our eggs, meat, and flowers through diverse venues where we see unfulfilled demand, focusing on: 1) Lane County Farmers Market; 2) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs; and 3) wholesale accounts with local grocery stores, food distribution hubs, restaurants, and florists.

We have designed our production systems to launch at a mid-sized scale, which will allow us to increase efficiencies, access economies of scale, and become profitable on an expeditious timeline. Our production timeline adds animal enterprises and scales flower production at a measured pace to build profitability and stability for the long run:

YEAR 1 (2022): We will start a flock of 125 chickens for eggs and raise 800 chickens for meat. Additionally, we will double cut flower production to half an acre on our new site. We plan to invest in vital equipment such as a tractor, animal shelters, and portable electric fencing. Infrastructure improvements for 2022 include barn renovations to include a licensed egg handling facility and a hoop house for flower season extension. We plan to hire our first part-time employee. We will both have part-time, off-farm jobs to help cover personal expenses.

YEAR 2 (2023): We will increase the egg-laying flock to 250 birds and raise 1,000 meat chickens. We'll also raise 12 pigs. We’ll improve efficiency in flower production and add more perennial plants to the mix. At least one of us will work off-farm part-time.

YEAR 3 (2024): In addition to raising chickens and pigs, we will raise sheep for meat and pasture maintenance, starting with 6 ewes and their lambs. This will require additional equipment purchases and some necessary fencing improvements. We both expect to work full time on the farm this year and pay ourselves from anticipated profits.

YEAR 4 (2025): We expect to continue all theanimal and flower enterprises at  similar production levels and refine our operations. By the end of the calendar year, we expect to have earned enough profit to pay back any loans made to us in full. We will now have enough financial history to apply for traditional operating loans or Farm Service Agency loans for future investment needs.


Raising $55,000 will provide us with sufficient capital to jumpstart this production timeline! We would be thrilled and humbled if you would like to contribute to this effort, becoming a founding benefactor of Willow & Oak Farm. While contributions are particularly helpful to us in the first quarter of 2022, we will continue to fundraise throughout this calendar year as necessary.

If you have further questions, we are happy to set up a time to talk about our business plan and cash flow projections upon request. We aim to be as transparent as possible in our operations.


If you would like to contribute, we are able to accept:

  • 0% INTEREST LOANS: It’s of deep importance to us that our business is designed in a way that will be profitable enough to pay back lenders in a timely manner, even if 100% of our financing is through loans. We anticipate paying all loans back in full by the end of 2025.

  • GIFTS: If you prefer to make a gift to jumpstart our farming journey, we will graciously accept.

At this time, we are not able to provide the traditional investment option to purchase shares in the company.

As a founding supporter of Willow & Oak, we would love to share our farming journey with you! Benefactors will receive:

  • Quarterly newsletters with an overview of what’s happening on the farm, our growth and our progress

  • An invitation to our annual fall farm party

  • Private farm visits and tours upon request

  • For contributions of $500 or more: A dried flower arrangement (shippable) or four dozen farm-fresh eggs (local delivery)

  • For contributions of $1,000 or more: 10% discount on all W&O products through 2025

Please contact us at willowandoakfarm@gmail.com for more information or to make a contribution, and we'll prepare the appropriate documentation. Payment can be made by check to Willow & Oak Farm, PayPal, or cash.